Request for Assistance

To access services from SSEN: Behaviour & Engagement, principals or their delegates lodge a Request for Assistance.

To submit a request for assistance:

  1. Schools lodge a request for assistance by calling (08) 9402 6200.
  2. An email link is sent to the principal to complete and submit the case preparation forms through the SSEN BES database.
  3. Once case preparation forms have been received SSEN: BE responds to the school within five working days.
  4. SSEN: BE staff undertake a needs assessment to inform decisions regarding service provision. If further information is required, the principal or delegate will be contacted.
  5. Schools that require support for other students can submit additional request/s.

The Request for Assistance process has been enhanced to enable Principals to view requests requiring action and track progress.

SSENBE Database Guidelines for Principals (PDF)